Family Health Solution for Respiratory Disease

Spray Nasal Irrigator
Electronic Peak Flow Meter
Shubao Electronic
Monitoring Device
Qiwubao Electronic
Monitoring Device

Nasal Irrigator
Deep Humid Nasal Cleaning

Sonmol Spray Nasal Irrigator

CFDA / FDA / TUV SUD Certificated

Cleaning as deep as nasal sinuses

Choking-free with spay technique

Different cleaning modes avaliable

Suitable for children

Enhanced Edition

Physical removal of nasal secretions

Inflammation control

Recover function of mucociliary

Reducing mucosal edema

Doctor-patient Management Platform
for Respiratory Disease

Electronic Peak Flow Meter

CFDA / TUV SUD Certificated

Accurate measurement of PEF

Asthma diary

Remote Management

Shubao Electronic Monitoring Device

Auto recording medication data

Smart medication reminding

Correcting inhaling posture

Doctor-patient Management Applications
for Respiratory Disease Such as Asthma and COPD

Asthma Manager
Respiratory Doctor
COPD Manager